Work site induction

Skanska’s work site induction begins before arriving at the construction site and continues on site. On Contractor Portal you can find online courses designed for Skanska’s partners.

We at Skanska want everyone to be able to return home safely and healthily after their workday. We believe that all accidents can be prevented by caring for ourselves and each other. The right organization, processes, and expertise support this goal.

Induction before arriving at the construction site
Induction before arriving at the construction site

All those working at a site a required to complete Ready for Work -online course on Contractor Portal as a part of the work site induction before starting work. The online course provides for the person receiving orientation with basic information about the hazards present at our construction sites, our expectations for them, and Skanska’s ways of operating. 

Skanska’s Contractor Portal also provides other online courses on occupational safety and environmental topics, which are useful for our suppliers to complete. In addition, the portal includes orientation materials for those construction sites that have implemented online course-based orientation.

The induction continues upon arrival at the construction site, where specific site-related matters are introduced. Be active and participate in the discussion during the induction. This way, you will have the best foundation for performing your work efficiently and safely. Site-specific procedures regarding on-site training sessions and pre-registration will be provided by the site. 


Drivers who are participating in the work are also required to complete the Ready for Work - online course. Participation in work includes activities such as concrete pumping or securing loads to the construction crane. Upon arrival at the construction site, the driver will receive a brief orientation on site operations and a review of performing the work safely. 

Drivers who are not participating in the work must familiarize themselves with safe delivery and unloading by watching Safe delivery at Skanska’s construction sites -video. The video can also be watched with subtitles in Swedish, Estonian, Russian, or Polish. 

You can access the portal from the link below. When logging in, you will need your tax number.

På svenska finns ”Redo för jobbet – introduktion till bygget” -onlinekursen under finska och engelska språkversioner. 

If you're having trouble registering, check that your tax number is in Tax number register. Otherwise, please contact your site contact person or Contact for assistance.

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