Requirements for cooperation

Our goal is to find competent and responsible partners to build a better society with us. It is important to us that our suppliers find us a responsible and reliable partner.

Become a Skanska supplier

Do you want to be a supplier for Skanska’s construction projects? Answering the prequalification questionnaire is the first step towards cooperation with Skanska. We require all our suppliers to fill in the prequalification questionnaire.  
With the prequalification questionnaire we want to ensure that our suppliers comply with Finnish legislation and commit to Skanska's way of working. The prequalification questionnaire’s topics are e.g., basic information of the company, sustainability, and quality of products and services. 

Supply chain sustainability 

Our goal is to build a better society. This objective, combined with our strong set of values, guides our actions and daily work, including our collaboration with partners. Our Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct, which serve as ethical guidelines for our suppliers, contain instructions and rules that not only govern our own operations but also influence how our suppliers work with Skanska.  Read more on ethical guidelines for subcontractors from the page  Supplier Code of Conduct.
According to Skanska’s Code of Conduct, all employees should be paid an appropriate wage for their work and all employees should be treated fairly and their rights as workers respected. The working conditions should be of a decent standard.  Please explore the guidelines of fair working conditions in more detail on Fair working conditions.
We investigate all allegations of human rights violations in our business and supply chain. We urge anyone who suspects that such violations are taking place to report them anonymously to Skanska Hotline. 
Report any concerns of unfairness as follows:

  • email Skanska’s Ethics Committee at Contact, or 
  • call Skanska’s anonymous Hotline on 0800–392912 or report your concerns online at Speak up feedback, the password is 109708.

Read more about our Skanska’s sustainability efforts on our sustainability page.

Reliable Partner service 

We require that all contractors working on our company's construction site be members of Vastuu Group's Reliable Partner service. The contractor must include proof of liability insurance in the Reliable Partner report.

At the present time, Estonian, Swedish, Lithuanian, Latvian and Polish companies can become Reliable Partners. If the supplier is unable to join the Reliable partner service, it must deliver the statements as specified in the Act on Contractor's Obligations and Liability before signing the contract. More information on Vastuu Group's reliable partner service pages.