On this page you can find information about billing addresses and our general billing instructions. Skanska receives invoices as e-invoices. The invoice must contain the cost center number, project number and order number.

The instructions and requirements stated in this contract annex shall always be followed when invoicing Skanska from outside of Finland. In case the information on the invoice is insufficient, Skanska will return the invoice to the supplier for amendments, which may cause a delay in the payment. Skanska shall not be held responsible for the consequences of such a delay. The following information is mandatory and should be taken into account in all invoices sent by foreign suppliers. 

Basic invoice information

Please check the correct invoicing address from the contract. Please remember to add to the invoice the correct VAT number of the Skanska company by whom the order was placed: 

Skanska Talonrakennus Oy (VAT number FI17724339)    
Intermediary code: 003723609900 or PAGERO  
(PO Box 7185, 02066 DOCUSCAN) 
Peppol ID 0037:003717724339

Skanska Infra Oy (VAT number FI01742591) 
E-invoice address: 003701742591  
Intermediary code: 003723609900 or PAGERO  
(PO Box 7186, 02066 DOCUSCAN) 
Peppol ID 0037:003701742591

Skanska Rakennuskone Oy (VAT number FI15516691)  
E-invoice address: 003715516691  
Intermediary code: 003723609900 or PAGERO  
(PO Box 7187, 02066 DOCUSCAN) 
Peppol ID 0037:003715516691

Skanska Oy (VAT number FI01022826)  
E-invoice address: 003701022826 
Intermediary code: 003723609900 or PAGERO  
(PO Box 7184, 02066 DOCUSCAN) 
Peppol ID 0037:003701022826

Skanska requires that all invoices must have a reference number proved by Skanska. Reference number includes cost center and/or project number and/or project number and order number. Reference number should be in form XXXX.XXXX or XXXX.XXXXX (project number) or XXXX.0 (cost center number) or XXXX.XXXX/XXXXXXXXXX or XXXX.XXXX/REQXXXXXXX (project and order number). The reference information must be on the invoice and in the xml file in some of the following fields: 

  • BuyerReferenceIdentifier 
  • Order Identifier 
  • ProjectReferenceIdentifier 
  • Account Dimension text

One invoice can only include costs from one project. Invoice that contains costs from multiple projects or in case the information on the invoice is insufficient, Skanska will return the invoice to the supplier for amendments, which may cause a delay in the payment.

Supplier’s Trade register number and VAT number must be marked on the invoice. Special requirements for different invoice types: 

Material + labour or only labour invoice:

  • Supplier must be entered in the tax prepayment register in Finland or
  • have a 0% tax deduction card in Finland, in other cases 13% withholding tax will be deducted. 
  • Materials must be separated on the invoice and Intrastat data mentioned below must be stated.

In the case of material invoices issued in an EU country, VAT is 0%. Required Intrastat data: 

  • Country of origin of the goods
  • Supplying country of the goods
  • Commodity code (CN-code) of the goods
  • Net weight of the goods
  • Total area in m2 (e.g. tiles, window glasses, parquets) or volume in m3 (e.g. concrete elements, etc.) 
  • Number of pieces
  • Mode of transport 

Invoice should be sent as in e-invoice, if that is not possible you can send invoices via free supplier portal provided by Pagero or via email





The supplier has no right to transfer contractual rights to a third party without the consent of Skanska.

The supplier must invoice Skanska directly. Skanska will not accept intermediated invoices unless expressly otherwise agreed.

The invoice may be dated and sent out only after the delivery is received. The agreed payment period shall not start unless the invoice is submitted in flawless form.

Please note that international money transfer takes time and so does the handling of invoices in accordance with the requirements of Skanska’s internal invoice approval system.