Requirements for cooperation

As being an internationally recognized company, we want to lead the way within building trade to develop responsible and sustainable business. That also means we require our suppliers and subcontractors to follow the legislations of the Finnish law, and to be committed to Skanska's way of working.

Principles of Skanska's responsible business

Skanska Code of Conduct defines how Skanska conducts its business in environment, business ethics and human rights related issues as well as in it's relationships towards personnel and partners in cooperation. Besides ourpersonnel, we expect all our suppliers and subcontractors to read, understand and live by the Code of conduct.

Economic responsibility

By taking care of our competitiveness and stable economic position we are responsible for our personnel, our clients and our partners in cooperation.

Social responsibility and safety

Safety is one of the important areas included in social responsibility. Skanska is committed to eliminate all fatalities, serious and lost time accidents and all harm at its worksites. Furthermore, we also work with our supply chain partners, our competitors, our clients and regulators to improve the safety of all construction activities in our home markets.

Environmental responsibility

Our ambition is to continually improve the environmental credentials of our projects, products and services by actively looking for ways to reduce negative environmental impacts during their entire life cycle. A close cooperation with suppliers is needed to fulfil the goals and to use only eco efficient and safe products.

Päivitetty: 17.5.2017